Barbra H.

I approached Noah over three years ago. He came highly recommended by a personal trainer friend who said that she personally wouldn’t train with anyone else.

Without a doubt, Noah is a master of his craft; incredibly bright and an expert at strength and conditioning, with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge. The fitness gains that I’ve achieved have gone far beyond what I imagined. I continue to be surprised at what hard work, determination, and Noah’s resolute support can accomplish. Working with Noah has been tremendously educational for someone who thought she knew what fitness was but was severely mistaken.

I consider myself fortunate to work with a trainer who, in an industry of mediocrity, has set the standard by which every trainer should be measured. Noah is a professional who clearly practices what he preaches with respect to his own strength and conditioning, which not only instills confidence in his teachings but serves as an inspiration. Without hesitation, I recommend Noah to any individual who is open to taking their fitness to a significantly higher level.


Carol W.

​I first met Noah about 10 years ago, when I was a novice at exercising. I had requested a personal trainer at my gym because I knew I would never work out unless I had an appointment. Noah was my assigned trainer. Over the next few years, even with standard indoor training on basic gym equipment, I could tell that Noah was exceptional—very professional but approachable and friendly, with a quirky wit and an extensive knowledge of anatomy, metabolism, and various workout techniques and trends.

Then life intervened and I stopped training. I needed surgery due to a ruptured appendix in 2012, which left my core muscles severed. I sought out Noah to help me recover since I knew I could trust him with my health and because he motivates me to be healthy in mind and body.

I appreciate that Noah personalizes workouts to account for age, ability, and temporary (or chronic) afflictions. He is very attentive to his client while training, attaining the maximum results and avoiding injury by emphasizing proper form and technique

Noah encourages me to do daily “homework” and his workouts are never the same. Whenever he incorporates some challenging new twists, he always takes the time to explain the whys and wherefores. Regardless of my mood before a workout with Noah, afterwards I always feel limber, rejuvenated, and younger.


David T.

I started training with Noah at a time in my life when my level of physical fitness was at its lowest. I felt sluggish, out of shape, and a little depressed about what I was seeing in the mirror every day. Finally, I was tired of living my life in this unhealthy state and sought out someone who could help me get results.

Right from our first session, Noah made me feel comfortable. He took the time to assess what I was currently capable of, what my goals were (gain strength, lose weight), and what exactly was holding me back. Before I knew it, we were jumping right in with some stretching and basic kettle bell exercises. I had honestly never had fun working out before, but despite the hard work, it was enjoyable, and the hour-long session flew by.

I left that first session with a detailed plan from Noah of what exercises to do until our next meeting, what stretches to complete each day, and an explanation of how that would help me progress faster. He was easy to reach, and kindly responded to my various questions over email very quickly. His detailed approach, along with his attention to good form and safety, is a hallmark of the high quality of training he conducts.

Whatever your level, I would highly recommend Noah to anyone looking to improve their health—and, by extension, their quality of life. His patience, humor, and genuine care for his clients’ success make him one of the best.


Jerry F.

I have worked with Noah for four years. During that time, I have improved my BMI, blood chemistry, flexibility, strength, and cardio-fitness. In general, I have found that immediate, modest changes are relatively easy. The real challenge for me is to maintain gains over long periods of time and stay motivated while respecting the limits of my body and preventing injury.

Noah has been the key to my success and my continued determination. Not only has he worked extensively with me on physical training, he has also invested vast amounts of time in researching and discussing my diet and long-term goals. He has developed and continues to develop methods and programs that allow me to safely work to the limits of my capabilities, so that I continue to make progress when and where possible.

The training Noah provides is unique. He is exceptionally patient, observant, and flexible. He is capable of rapidly adapting to sudden changes in client physiology and psychology. He has perfected the knack of designing programs that hover at the 100% of capability mark while preventing burnout and injury. At the end of each session, I feel enabled, focused, and capable.

Without reservation, I would recommend Max Level Fitness to anyone who is willing to make the commitment.


Charlene R.

Noah trained me to prepare for the StrongFirst Level 1 Certification, one of the most prestigious and renowned credentials in the fitness industry—and one of the most demanding. His attention to detail during our training sessions prepared me to understand the movements that I needed to know for the certification weekend and their underlying principles. The program that he designed for me helped to make my weaknesses into strengths.

I went into the three-day certification weekend with confidence, great strength, and great conditioning. Not only did I pass, I felt more prepared compared to many of my peers. I was ready for and capable of handling the volume that was thrown my way during the weekend.

Noah’s knowledge of the body and movement, his years of experience, and his dedication to keeping himself up-to-date with readings, seminars, and certifications makes him a top trainer in our industry. By learning from one of the best trainers in the industry, I’m setting myself up for personal and professional success. I’m looking forward to continuing my training with Noah to prepare for the StrongFirst Level II and other certifications so I can better serve my clients and ultimately help them reach their health and fitness goals—just like Noah has done and will continue to do for me.


Ali Z.

It’s hard to talk about training with Noah without sounding like I’m exaggerating, but—like Noah himself—what I’m about to say is honest, straightforward, and utterly without B.S.

The biggest difference between Noah and other trainers isn’t just his almost supernatural attention to form and detail, or his ability to spot a half-assed rep even before I start to attempt it. It’s how articulate he is. I’m the type of person who isn’t satisfied with being told what to do; I need the why. Noah’s explanations of how he chooses the exercises that comprise my program both in and out of our sessions are thoughtful, thorough, and speak to his extensive education and personal experience. And somehow he manages to distill that wealth of information into a few brief, easy-to-follow cues. I hear his clear, succinct instructions in my head when I’m attempting a challenging lift or technique on my own.

That’s why working with Noah isn’t just a training session. This is physical education, the way that gym class never was. Noah’s encyclopedic knowledge of how to improve strength and conditioning transforms the nebulous concept of “being fit” into attainable goals and measurable progress.

Over the past year, I’ve learned that “difficult” and “uncomfortable” can mean, “keep going,” instead of “stop.” I’ve worked both harder and smarter, gained a number of new skills, smashed old PRs, and found both muscles and wells of hidden strength and determination I didn’t know I had.

Noah has been there every step of the way, correcting my form, bad habits, and imbalances, offering support, and delivering the occasional much-needed (mostly metaphorical) kick in the pants. He never lets me get away with anything less than honest effort, and encourages me when I’m self-critical. And even when he’s deliberately pushing me out of my comfort zone, his first priority is my safety and long-term wellbeing.

Noah redefines what a strength coach should be. If everyone who wanted to become a personal trainer had to be held to the standard that Noah sets and embodies, there would be fewer trainers—but far more fit, capable clients. I would enthusiastically and without reservation recommend working with Noah for experienced athletes, raw beginners, and everyone in between. If you have goals and don’t know how to achieve them—or if you don’t have goals but want to set them—working with Noah will change your life.


Sheral D.

I’ve been working with Noah for several years. Before that, I had used personal trainers for over 15 years, when I realized I needed help recovering from three pregnancies in four years. As I had some experience with dance on a professional level after college, I am fully aware of the benefits of an active life, but don’t always have the discipline or make the time to initiate and continue a program of sustained workouts.

What I like and appreciate about Noah is how hard he pushes me. I may not always look forward to our sessions together, but I am always thankful–and proud of myself–when we’re finished. He has much more faith in my capabilities than I do. He always knows when to push me beyond what I think I can do, and most certainly knows when not to push, whether I’m overly fatigued or feeling an old injury flare up.

I recommend hiring Noah if you’re absolutely committed to doing hard work. If you’re not open to pushing your limits, you may want to consider a different path. My only regret about working with Noah is that I don’t have more days in the week to fit in another session with him!


Katie G.

As a fitness professional for seven years and a fitness enthusiast for longer, I have been around many instructors and personal trainers. Noah is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with. He is uniquely professional, confident, and inspirational. He teaches his clients to work hard and smart and gives them the tools to make great progress. He helps his clients set strong, achievable goals, and impresses the importance of following his plan. Noah is constantly pursuing his own superhuman fitness goals and expanding his teaching skills. He is full of knowledge, but doesn’t overwhelm with information. Instead, he makes his clients feel what he wants them to learn, empowering them to develop a greater awareness of their own body. Though he doesn’t believe that fitness should necessarily be fun, he’s very fun to train with. If you are so lucky to train with Noah, you should take notes and practice what you’ve learned–his teaching is invaluable.